Everything You'll need to know me

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Everything from what i like to what i hate

Submitted: April 24, 2009

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Submitted: April 24, 2009




Age:12 and 13 days


Fav. color:Black and Red

Fav. Movie: it's a tie btw The Outsiders and Twilight

Fav. singer...Male:David Archaleta

Fav. singer Female:Taylor Swift

Most emparessing moment: I was picking up my brother from the batting cages, there's a really cute kid on his team, I bragged saying I could kick higher then his head, I did, One thing bad happened...I was wearing slippery converse,the floor was slippery and I fell right on my butt, my head was numb for 24 hours...


Do you have you children's names picked out yet?: yes

If so, what are they?:Abby, River, and Brooke

What's your most fav. song?:uh...Stay Beautiful..by Taylor Swift

Fav Actor:Robert Petterson

Fav. Actress:Ashley Greene

Fav T.V. Actress: Demi Lovato

Fav T.V. actor:Jason Dolly

Fav flower:WHAT?! wierd but...roses

Fav. T.V movie:Dadnapped

Crushes in school: not telling enimy's might be online...waiting...


Dream:finding a nice family (mine's Evil)

Closest friend in the world:Brendel (like a sister to me)

Enimies:Yazlin,Hannah Montana

most cherished memory:idk?

Ever drink?:NO! well not alcohol

Ever smoke?:No!!!!

ever been in love?:yes

With who:Alec B.

Where is he now?:Heaven

are you in a relationship now?:Ben D. yep

do you have any kids with him?: WTF?! I'M 12!!!

are you married?:WTF x2!!! NO!!!!! i would like to though lol

what's your motto?:You are my sunshine my only sunshine

Aw:I NO!!!!!!

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