the haunting spirit

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three friends go walking on a deserted highway telling horror stories to each other when they actually become a part of one..

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012




“heard about what they did to poor sankalp on the very first day of college?”

 ”who?the seniors?no”

“they told him to call the guy from room no.81.”


”so,dude there are no guys in room no.81.its been locked for years now.”

”why’s that?”

”from what I heard ,in the very same room ,a first year had hanged himself from the fan on the very first day of college.”

ravi and raj now looked anxiously towards Rajeev while he let out a huge puff of smoke and continued narrating his horror story,”they did that for days.each day sankalp would go to the room and return empty-handed ,so the seniors would  press on him even more to call the guy .”hey you, can’t you hear a simple thing?call Rahul sir from 81 ,he will rag you morons so well that will the shit the crap out of you dumbos.””sir ,no one’s there .lights are out .room is locked .he must have gone out. I will go again in a few another minutes.””he must be in the neighbouring rooms then ,anyways ,you go now and shout out his name aloud in the wing. He will come.”sankalp did so ,and everytime he did so, the wingies would stare at him but he  continued ,thinking that perhaps this is one feared guy whom no one calls by his name, specially  not  the timid ones.he even asked for him in the neighbouring rooms,and in reply got frowns. This disturbance obviously pissed off Rahul sir’s spirit which had been waiting in 81 ever since then for revenge.and what you guys already know ,sankalp has contemplated suicide 3 times since then.”,Rajeev let out another puff as he completed his story.

”this is all bullshit,there are no spirits.let me tell another story ,a real one”,now it was ravi’s turn to narrate some horror story,”this is the way my uncle committed suicide.he had everything….money,family,friends.he was the most lovable one of all my uncles.that morning ,he went to this farm quite unusually soon as he reached the crossroads before his farm,he met our dairy man who chanced to pass at the same time.he turned back  the other way and returned back to the crossroads after dairy man had gone.when we enquired the dairy man after the incident, he nearly broke up saying he had found that unusual ,but had unfortunately neglected his behaviour as he was in a uncle did not only meet the dairy man that day but also many other people and each time he had walked in other directions until he reached a banyan tree…where he hanged himself with it’s branches.”

”we’re so sorry ,ravi, for your uncle. ”, but ravi was now smiling cunningly as he always did whenever he felt victorious ,”got you,dumbos ,you did actually believe my story then?” 

 Rajeev and raj were now in no mood to spare him and the three were soon running like crazy breaking the otherwise pin-drop  silence on the deserted road.they had been here many times before ,but  only  this time  they had strayed a bit too far along the road into the forest at the end. And they didn’t realise that until a snake seemed  to come out of nowhere and leapt around ravi’s feet.raj and Rajeev were just behind ,raj was able to see it in time and stopped .he tried to pull Rajeev back but he had already stepped into dangerous territory.raj  kept staring at both of them ,unable to think.”run ,you stupid”,whispered Rajeev ,raj stepped back ,but he did not want to leave them .suddenly out of the blue , some incantation started  forming in front of them,as if some man was showing  himself from behind the curtains of nothingness. “uncle”,cried out ravi while the person in the figure cast a scornful look on him.”oh my god ,it’s his uncle .the story was true then.”,raj and Rajeev strained their eyes to see the face clearly , it was the face of a grieving man , a sad,melancholy face. It seemed to say to ravi,“you will now make fun stories out of your uncle’s death then?”, ravi started crying and begged him to let go off the snake. He did ,but  the face turned more sullen until it vanished into the air just as it had appeared, leaving the three aghast with horror. 

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