goodbye to an old love.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
everyone's going to get hurt at some point.

and there's always a farewell to that relationship.

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



i don't want your sympathy.

i don't want the hurt you feel, if you feel any, when you read this.

i want you to know that i really did love you.

you made me feel like.. a bird, just soaring.. all the time. i felt like the stars leaned down to kiss me. i felt like the luckiest girl on earth.

loved by you. held by you. obsessed over, by you.

it was eight months in which i experienced the first love of my life.

it felt more real & raw & beautiful than anything i'd ever felt before.

i just knew.

i knew that it was you. and me. forever.

i believed your words of love.

i never did doubt them.

you knew me. you knew me so much. better than most people ever did then.

& i trusted you.

i had so much trust in you.

a part of me knows that you did love me.

but for you, it was only a part of your childhood.

your step into a bigger world.

but you were my world.

you were my everything.

you were a part of me.

in just one night, you & i just so calmly... ended it.

when i say you & i, i mean you.

that was it.

that was the end.

you went of into your world & left me to the shattered life i once had, the one you knew i had.

i called. messaged.

.... i don't want your sympathy.

it's been nine months now.

& i just wanted to let you know love, that i'm done waiting.

i want you do know, that i meant what i said.

every i love you.

now it means nothing, except a couple of nice memories i'll smile at once in awhile.

i wasn't meant to be with you i guess.

& God has a bigger plan for me that just you.

i don't know why it turned out to be like this.

or where that wicked turning point was.

but it's time..

so my final words i write here to you.

i loved you, maybe i still do, but it'll go away someday.

& i'll learn to be happy.

& i'll learn to love again.

without the fear of someone ripping my heart apart.

like you did.

where ever you go with your life.

i wish you the best.

i wish you happiness and i wish you joy.

goodnight bug.

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