the slap of a mother

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pathetic overview of human nature.

Submitted: March 22, 2011

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Submitted: March 22, 2011



she sped home most of the way. calling the girl next to her stupid, ungrateful, bitch. she told her that she should just go live with her dad..

does the mother think she is hurting her daughter? she has to know.

she yells such things as if the girls father had only missed a couple of birthdays, nothing else..

as if the missed birthdays were the worst he had done.

they arrive and she tells her that if she does not clean up the dogs shit that she will shove it in her mouth.

you could say that is nasty. a little funny even. but when it's being said to you, your insides turn cold.

is this okay? is it normal for the daughter to feel so abandoned? normal to know that your mother has such a cruel anger over you because of a man.

a man. a man you hate to call a father. a man who is not okay. a man who made a sick mistake. a couple, sick, mistakes.. one too many sick mistakes.

jealous over a man who hurt her child.

yet isn't it normal? is it? is it normal for a mother to hate her kin because of a mate?


that's what they all are.

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