My Birthday

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this short story is based on my dream.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



" *sigh* May 26. My birthday." It was a beautiful Saturday morning in the Kemang area. Not so crowded, yet not so quiet. I'm waiting for Shania--my best friend-- in Starbucks while reading "The Hunger Games" and drinking a Vanilla ice blended cream drink. "11am? I was supposed to meet Shania 20 minutes ago... Oh well-- shit I spilled my drink on the table...". I was going to get up and get tissue until I saw him. I quickly ran to get tissue and went straight back to my table and clean the spilled drink. Suddenly, he was in the front of me.

"Umm.. Hey :)" I managed to spit out... "Hey, Mariska! What a surprise to see you here!" He said with his GORGEOUS smile. "Uhh-- Haha yeah you too.. What're you doing here?" I asked. "I'm here to show you something." He took my hand; his hands felt so soft and gentle. He took me to the top floor of Starbucks and I got a BIG SURPRISE PARTY!!!


I gave everyone that came hugs and I felt so loved... I even gave the guys that came hugs! But.. I was missing one person... HIM.

"Mariska... you do know "he" was the one who planned this right?" Shania whispered. I was really shocked. I blushed and looked at him. He was the one who planned this? For me? We barely even know each other that well. He looked at me, smiled, then sat next to me.

"Hey..." I said, "Thank you... I appriciate it. SO much :')" and I gave him a kiss on his cheeks. I could feel my cheeks burn even more. I could feel his cheeks burn, too.

I pulled away and everyone was staring. Why? Because it was his turn; he held my cheeks and kissed me on the lips. His soft lips on mine...

AND THEN I WOKE UP. And realized "Oh, it's just a dream."

But... It felt SO real.....

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