That day... Until now...

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This is a story about 'this guy' ;)

It started out in the beginning of the eighth grade. We were complete strangers then; still strangers now. He came towards me and asked me directions. I felt nothing back then. He was just a new student and I was glad to help. I showed him around school if I had the time and I guess thats how we knew each other. After a few days, we didn't talk to each other that much anymore, don't know why. I didn't really care back then. One day, my best friend, Shania, pulled him to me. I got pretty pissed at her for doing that; but i didn't want to let him or Shania know that I was pissed so I just acted like 'its cool, you know'. But I guess ever since Shania pulled him to me, it became awkward and so now I really regret that day. Now, I'm just dying to get to know him better. 


We did a surprise party for my close friend, Vira. The surprise party was held in Starbucks. My friends and I were waiting for Vira and Shania to come. After at least 20 minutes of waiting, she came and our surprise party plan went really really well! Except.... He came late. He was supposed to be there before Vira and Shania came. Anyway, he came 15 minutes after Vira and Shania came. After we ate cupcakes and drank our drinks, we decided to go and eat lunch in 'La Code Fin', in Kemang. We ate sushi, it was really good. 


"Hey guys, want to come over my house? It's like really close by from here; we can walk." he said. We all agreed. (Note, I still didn't really want to get to know him). We stopped buy 7eleven and bought a bottle of MixMax. Then off we went to his house. We watched Harry Potter in his "Television Room". I saw his wallet sticking out of his pocket and took it. I opened it and saw pictures of this girl. I asked him who it was and he whispered, "I like this girl... But don't tell anyone!" "Haha, I won't tell anyone. Trust me!" Apparently, someone else took his wallet so he had to confess and blablabla. After that, we went out and I watched as the guys played with his skate boards. Turns out he was pretty legit. After that we went home and did all we did. Then I realized... THAT day was the first time he ever told me his secrets...


That story was a year ago!; 2011.. Now its 2012. We had a camping trip from school and he became CAMP KING and I became CAMP QUEEN. I guess because the instructor mentioned that we were "technically married", he got creeped out and I... I lost my chance on getting to know him more; screw this. Oh well...


And up until this moment I reaaaaaally want to get to know him more. Honestly.

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