morning awakening

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There was a peaceful sound, my eyes were still closed. A sense of freedom touched my body. I was still dreaming, but i knew i could open up my eyes and have enough strength to move out of bed, and welcome myself to the world. Although dreaming felt so good, sadness with have overcomed me as soon as i open my eyes. I start to force my dream to continue,  because it had started to fade away into an end. I hear distance hard footsteps in the distance, but i ignore it. then i hear a voice, the same voice i've heard my whole life. Other people are awake now, and i'm the only one asleep. Atlast i hear a tug on my door, not a soft gentle creek, it was such a pull that the door itself would of never expected it, but i knew the routine. I know how these morning's go, on how before the door was even made it half open, a unpleasent sound enters my room. i can't process the words, but i knew what thier saying. Others get sunshines to wake up to, or birds to stop by your window and say hello. But i get a voice to force my awkening, the same voice that i've heard all my life, and the same voice that brought me here today. My brain has finially let me process the words the voice had said. nothing special, but 2 words that let me know just enough of what needs to get done. a sharp and loud "get up". and that's it, what has opened my door as now left with a warning, a warning saying i need to get up before it has come back. It has left, and my hapiness went along with it.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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