Angel in the sky

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another one of my poem

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012




You know where I’m going..

If my life was a dream.., would you try and find me

Would you stay right here with me

Been searching my whole life trying to find you

My wings spread apart from my back

The strong wind blowing around me

I stare down at the ground from the sky

Would you try and find me

I want you so bad..but I can’t reach you

One of my wings is broken

I collapse on the warm glass, eyes closed

Laying there thinking to myself

Thinking what if..

What if things turned out differently

Would you go on a journey with me

Or would you leave me here to corrupt

What if you liked me back?

I’m afraid of the sky.. it is too high

I’m afraid of falling down

You’re the only one who can find me

I’m calling your name, calling out to you

Can you hear me, can you see me

Watching you from above

Just one whisper, one fear

The love I have known, is gone

Lost in the wind, in the storm

I write my thoughts in a piece of paper

everything I’m thinking

Is in this lonely paper, the thoughts never left my mind

I need to let it out somehow, this is the only way

That I can reveal everything

My own secret where I can release my doubts

Release myself, release me from these tangled webs

Webs that surrounds me, holding me down

Piercing my skin, pinching my eyes

Dragging me down into the pit of darkness

I want to see the light, don’t let the darkness devour me

Only fear can be seen in my eyes

Inside I’m scared, I don’t know what to do

I’m scared of being alone, I’m scared of wondering

The world by me, they’re trying to hurt me

I’m trying to cut their voices out, but it keeps coming back

When will this nightmare end?

When will the door open to let me inside of your heart

Is the only place I want to be

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