In my dreams, first love

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a poem i wrote about my first love.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



My heart beats inside my chest.

like a skycraper in the sky..

like the stars around the clouds.

but i can no longer control my feelings.

it controls the hurtness, i do not want to feel.

love, what is it?.


a strange obbession, perhaps?.

he runs through my mind endlessly.

when i'm not dreaming, i'm thinking of him.

when i'm not sleeping, he crosses through my mind.

is this crazy? or is this the love i feel for him?.


a part of me lingers for his touch, to feel his lips brushing against mine.

to feel his arms holding me in a  tight embrace.

perhaps my love for him is real,perhaps he is the one i desire.

why do my feelings for him comes back, why is he the one i want?

oh how, i wish he was by my side,to never leave me alone.


he was my first love, he means so much to me.

it saddens me that i will not matter to him.

 I Love You , three words i cannot tell him.

I Miss you, three words i won't admit.

i want you, three words i can't have.

i need you, thee words i can't say.


are you thinking about me right now?, am i crossing your mind at this moment?

do you want me, like i want you.

time is sleeping away, i want to see you desperately

waiting till the day i meet you is horrific.

waiting in this spot, waiting in my bed.

for the day, i will meet you.



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