the pain from the heart

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A poem I wrote today. Hope you like it. i just wrote and the words slowly came to me.

Submitted: October 05, 2012

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Submitted: October 05, 2012



The ground shook from beneath my feet, just one more step left then I was close to the edge ,

the edge of the mountain. Fear ran through my eyes.

No I wasn’t scared I kept telling myself I could feel the burning pain from the bruise on my right leg.

 It burns so painfully I wanted to rip my skin off so the burning will disappear.

But no it kept on getting worse I wanted to run, to roll around on the snow and stab myself in the leg.

to make it stop but it kept going it kept running deep into my bones it was flowing around.

Nobody could hear my piercing scream deep in my lungs my throat it was beginning to clog.

I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t find my strength anymore.

I was all alone nobody was here with me nobody was watching me, this must be my fate.

 I couldn’t see, I could only see flash of shadows and a glimpse of light.

My vision was getting blurrier and blurrier.

 I lost my footing and fell off

. My heart raced raced and raced so fast that I couldn’t find the strength to let air in my lungs.

My lungs are gasping for air. It was scary it was a feeling you didn’t want to experience.

Would this be my end? Is there where my world falls apart in this coldness, blackness?

I slowly opened my eyes; my body wasn’t moving I couldn’t feel anything it was as if something heavy fell right into me.

 I grew scared tears rolled down my eyes I whispered these small words that were lost in the fog.

“Pain” how did I end up here. I didn’t know.

My eye lids slowly slipped away

and that was all that was left of me..

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