So Elated

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A poem about being happy :)

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



You make me happy Strange as it may seem,

you make me gleam.

Smile from ear to ear, when you are near...

Life has a whole new perspective

and I wonder how I got this far in life,

Without that spark of excitement you bring around.

You make me happy,

from the moment we connect and you kiss me on my forehead.

All the way up until the moment we part and you brush your lips across mine.

The moments in between those two milestones...

Are the moments that make everyday like my birthday.

The moments that make everyday feel like I'd been blessed with a gentleman,

Who recognizes a princess when he sees her.

When he hears her, smells her, tastes her, feels her.

You make me so elated.

Words could not describe the euphoria I feel

. when you answer the phone and say "Hey baby what's up?"

Like a fangirl my heart tries escaping my chest at the sound of your voice.

Because it knows who it belongs to.

It knows the origin of my smiles and where they were born.

My favorite thing about you. Are your eyes and how they delight in every detail I have to offer.

In a way so divine, it doesn't feel like im being raped with your vision.

But rather praised,

I love the way they gleam when I connect your gaze with mine,

like I made your whole day.

It makes me happy.

It leaves me so elated.

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