Tynee (R.I.P)

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Poem for a dead friend of mine :/

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



I still wake up every morning reaching for the top of your head.

& Remembering all over again that you're gone forever and dead.

& Knowing it wasn't your choice but the choice if someone else.

& There was really nothing I could do about it.

'Cuz if I could rewind the sands of time I would've stayed up all night that night.

Just to make sure you didn't go out of the front door of that house.

Because even though you would've died anyway , maybe, it might've bought me some more time just to sit you down and REALLY EXPRESS to you how MUCH I loved you.

Because even though I told you it everyday, every second, I NEVER said it enough.

& Losing someone as precious as to were to me was really tough.

& I had a leak I the pipes of my eyes for years.

Sitting around thinking the repairman would never come to patch up MY tears.

Checking at your grave everyday hoping somehow we made a mistake and you were still alive down there.

Praying to god that this was just a nightmare and you'd get to see me get to highschool.

But you didn't and this is reality.

& In a way you were my first love and I lost you before I had you.

And now I'm a sophomore and I'm glad you,

Got to move on to the next stage of your existence,

Even if you,

Didn't get to see me move on to mine.

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