Where Were You???

Status: Finished

Where Were You???

Status: Finished

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Where Were You??? Where Were You???

Poem by: ItsNaomiHun


Genre: Poetry



Umm..Reading it can explain best :] Good luck!


Umm..Reading it can explain best :] Good luck!


Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



You told me, You'd always be there for me.

Grabbed my hand, looked into my eyes, and you said "Baby I'll never be far behind"

I believed you, took a stroll down the road of intimidation, with confidence.

Believing that if I were to fall back, I'd fall back on you.

And you wouldn't let me fall.

You'd stand me back up, and stride with me.

I believed you took pride in me.

I thought you respected me, loved me, you were my knight.

I was a damsel, no longer in distress, forever grateful for you.

Thinking I'd found my one and true love.

Sending away, all those well-dressed jackals,

who came galloping to my front door for the rights to my ring finger.

You taught me, that the two vowels, U and I,

As in you and I.

Sound perfect together.

When they're working together.


But theres a reason they're so far apart from eachother.

With 11 letters in between.

11 Reasons you're not with me.

11 Reasons we were never meant to be.

U and I,

I mean You and I.

Are two seperate entities.

We're so far apart.

Just 2 vowels that were never meant to be.

Our love was like fire,

Extinguished with the taste of defeat.

I Can't believe I believed in your lies.

I looked in your eyes, and I didn't see them there.

Your so good at wearing a truthful mask.

I'll never look into those blue/green/gray puddles again.

At least not with the intentions of believing.

You made me believe In fairytales, I,

Was such a fool for believing in ties,

You said you'd always be there!

Well here I am!

Pouring my soul down the drains of life!

Where are you?!

Not in sight!


I took a walk today, down the road of intimidation.

Saw all those lonely faces, that hated me from the beginnning.

They took advantage of your winnings.

And I fell back.

For a moment expecting you to be there.

To catch me.

Then remembering you were a liar.

And you were never there to begin with.

I was just so blinded by ecstasy.

I didn't bother turning around to make sure you were really there.

Where were you?




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