Demons Don't Like Traveling

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Captured with the help of my handy-dandy notebook. (tm)

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011



 A point of focus

The tunnel

Not the end


It’s peeking from the center


I could run if I want

But it’s more of a need

To get away

Keep the head down

Never look up


I wont have to see it pass me by


To graze my fingers over it

Smash into its ethereal structure

I need so much more

I’m not being greedy

I swear

I’m simply trying to pull it back through

Make it pop again

Without bursting

The challenge everyone deserves

Apparently one shot isn’t enough


It looks me in the eye

And I cower

Take this

This everything

I don’t want it anymore

Throw it

And retrieve

They’re lies

The only thing I’m good at anymore

The only substance I can handle

Give me truth

Give me spirit

And tears

And I wont know what to do with them


My aspirations are dormant

My love is limited

This strength is wavering

I’m not the pessimistic type

Then again I’m not even me

Someone else…

Did they take my energy?

My emotions and personality?

Not only the human things

But the existential too?

I’ve lost a soul

All those deals with the devil

They couldn’t last forever

Now something must take their place

As I live out my Hell


Go back to Wolf Valley

These screams in my ear

Are coming from me

I’m sorry I haven’t returned

We were a good team while it lasted

I’m not giving up

Just extinguished for the while

We’ll get the old mind back together

And when it happens…


It’ll be a joyous reunion

There’ll be adventures and laughter

And tears

Of a higher sphere

Ones of spontaneity and promises

The kind that’ll warm the fire

Keep the pride

Soon it’ll go by

And I will turn around to show my face

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