-Life Sucks-

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Part One

Submitted: December 24, 2007

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Submitted: December 24, 2007



Life really sucks
As I sit hear in silence
Bored of my own defiance
Thinking of all my pain
Thinking of how I could start again
I hate myself
And I hate all you more
God damn life sucks
Its always such a bore
Such a hassle
Such a waste
And so much
To my distaste
I go to school
And fail all my classes
Watching kids get beat up
‘Cause they’re fat
Or were glasses
I find some relief
In writing my thoughts
Though they never come out
Quite as I had thought
God damn life sucks
Its so f***ed up
People getting shot
All the time and everywhere
People forced to make a living
By being slaves
Like they don’t even care
Whores on the corner
Bums on the street
People dying of malnutrition
People dropping dead at my feet
Or so it may seem
I see people dying
Every night and day
I see them all dying
In every single way
Blowing themselves up
On purpose or otherwise
God damn life sucks
I mean really
Come on guys
This constant
I see it at night
And during the day
I see it on TV.
Or in the paper
In magazines
And billboards
I see it all the time
I know you do as well
Advertised all over the world
All over our personal hell
Were all aware
So why the f***
Cant we do anything
I mean really
Life sucks.

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