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I don't remember why I wrote this but I kinda like it.

Submitted: December 26, 2007

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Submitted: December 26, 2007



‘I have traversed the very path of time itself
I have walked with stars
And spoken with trees
I have sat at the edge of a river
And known exactly what she was saying
I know how it feels to swim in death
And bathe in life
I have died
And I have been reborn
And now…
I have come back for you.’

I have seen death
And chosen to live
I have been presented with life
And chosen to die
I exist within myself
An abstract entity
Independent of everything
A single mass
A single mind
Truly free
To traverse space and time
I have no limits
No rules
Or laws
I have separated myself from those
I live
Every day in death
And die
Every night in life
You thought you could beat me
You thought you could win
But you didn’t
I am a god
I am a saint
A man with no name
No rank
And ultimate power
And now
I have come for my revenge.

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