Artistic Rebellion

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Uhhh... It's about war and stuff. Read.

Submitted: December 20, 2007

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Submitted: December 20, 2007



In the dark
I sit here pondering
Of life
Of death
‘Till my last breath
I just sit
And wonder
Refrained from actions
And sunder
I am not a fighter
But an artist
I will not heed this battle cry
I will not kill, nor die
I will write
With insight
And ponder
Of the situation
My tools are creation
And imagination
Not weapons of bloodshed
I will not fight
But I will sit
And wonder
And ponder
As I let my mind wander
I seek not war
But a cure for loathe
And to the weak I shall clothe
And havoc will not sprout from me
I do disagree
With thee
Who battle
And kill for what you believe
I will refrain
My sword shall not be stained
With the blood
Of those who die in vane
Dead bodies lain
I chose peace
Over power
I wish not death
Or to devour
I will sit here and ponder
Of the thoughts I shan’t squander
How much longer
Will you permit blood shed
‘Till all foes are dead?
But I do decline
I will not head the battle cry
I will not dine
On the slaughter
That sates your mind
I’m not so blind
For I see
You do not help
By killing your enemy
You will be engulfed in abstractity
Open your eyes
So that you can see
Through this unmitigated pain
What do you have to gain
Surely will you drive yourself insane
But I will refrain
And sit here and write
I will not fight
My blade shall not wander
As I sit here and ponder
Heed my words in stride
How many shall crie
Before you cease
And your sword decrease
I wonder
Shall it ever end
Shall your mind mend
I defend
But you have already lost
And must pay the cost
But not I
As I let my mind wander
I do not fight
I merely sit here
And ponder

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