Black Moon

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A philosophical piece on truth and insanity.

Submitted: December 21, 2007

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Submitted: December 21, 2007



The night beckons
With her alluring ambiance
A silence broken
Atop a moon fixed
A golden ornament
Of death and blood
A persistent ranting
Of undone love
Just pull the trigger
Stop taking so long
Just get it over with
So it can be over and done
Sitting in the darkness
I recite a blackened soul
Never knowing the truth of things
As dissident  church bells toll
I reach for the surface
And emerge underneath
I try to dive in head first
But instead land on my feet
I scream
But not a sound is heard
I hear a crie
As eagles soar
Pacing between night and day
A silent ranting
I pray convey
Bleed the poisons
Get back up on your feet
Catch a flying arrow
And students please take your seats
A calm resonates
Through these barren halls
He cough and shouts
As he begins to fall
Deeper deeper
Into the abyss
Calling for help
A staring eclipse
I sit here in my darkness
And write of this unknown
Another meaningless rhyme I write
Another identical clone
You may be thinking
What’s the point
And I ask myself as well
I never seem to know the answers
To queries risen from hell
A phoenix soars
Where eagles dare not fly
Thy prey on predators
Like spiders eaten by flies
Singing as the banshees do
While feasting on their own soul
Eating up the hidden knowledge
And forgetting what is known
Take the knife and end it
Then perhaps be free
Or pop some pills and take a drink
As silently you wait for me
Submit to fear
And don’t be scared
But run away in terror
The cries you hear
Are everywhere
As they whisper nearer
Coming close
And taking their seats
And that’s all for now folks
I execute my only friends
And join in his recluse
So stop looking for meaning
It cannot be found
Unless it finds you
And offers its crown
You cannot become their king
Without their own approval
If you don’t know the definition
Then why waist the trouble
This poem is far to deep for you
Though perfectly I understand
The meaning may never find you
And the meaning is so very grand
Just let loose
My sparrow brethren
And submit to death my friends
Just lie down
And except fate
While waiting for the end
Well here it is. 

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