Do we really know the world we live in?

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There are so many questions that so many of us ask about the world, the past and the future.
Do we really know what we want? Or where we live? There are so many questions!

Submitted: July 08, 2010

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Submitted: July 08, 2010



Do we really know the world we live in?

Science desires to explain these unknown questions which we want answers for

But what is Science?

Did we really start off from something so small, so tiny

And since we have grown to what we are; Humans

But what are Humans?

Predators? Prey?

Villains? Victims?

Of what?

We aim to care for the environment, to ensure it's safety

Yet we still continue to destroy forests, habitats, animals


That we may be

Do people really understand these words?

These letters that we have drawn and placed together to create conversation

We have a life of our own

We dream and think of different things

We all want something

Does that make us selfish?

Can we even comprehend the word selfish?

These endless questions could continue forever, and what will stop them?

Our minds constantly buzz with conversation, to ourselves?

The desire for answers is extreme, and we do not know if they will ever be answered.

So, keep asking.

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