Falsification of Fruition

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The norm of that which can only be when the norm is set as that which is not. As always this poem is open to interpretation, all comments and critiques are appreciated.

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



Falsification of fruition
To reap what has not been sown
To fool yourselves and others
Into believing in a false idol
When the ends justify the means
And the means are never justified
When all reality is bent
To a mere description
Vulnerable to manipulation
Where lies are truth
And all truths are based on lies
Where reality has lost all substance
And been provided with scripts
To play out a scene
That does not exist
Where death plagues the streets
And the crime
And the prisons
And rehab
And society
And all these falsifications
Are justified be the end results
Spending money we do not have
Making money we do not deserve
This is the falsification of fruition
A constant drag on reality
Quickly becoming the norm of that which does not exist.

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