Flawed Idealism

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Not about what you think.

Submitted: January 30, 2008

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Submitted: January 30, 2008



You sit there at your desk

Pondering a better world

Never taking action

Never losing care

You plan and plot

Order and command

You ponder on a better world

But never lift a hand

I mean not to insult you

Or demote your work

I mean not to say you do not help

That would be a joke

I know that you do more than I

And you make a difference for sure

Although you truly are a hypocrite

I know not what it’s for

Liar, liar lazy ass

Do I contradict myself

Or even make any sense

I mean not to demote your work

Surely it must be hard

To sit and sit

All day long

And make such important decisions

Why not rhyme

And make a stand

Surely I am no better than you

The only difference present here

Is that I do not claim to be important

And I do recognize

That you make a difference

However little

And however irrelevant

It is.

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