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This one is really really weird, and not well done. Please tell me what you think.

Submitted: December 25, 2007

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Submitted: December 25, 2007



So… uh… this is a poem ‘bout love
And um… in the… uh… true nature of love…
If you don’t like it well… you can go like… fuck off… or somethin’


Now’s when I should use some creative metaphors…

Love is like a dance
In which all life steps
Softly gliding
Like silent silhouettes
Moving with emotion
Like the waxing of the moon
I wish to dance it as well
Like a soft sweet swoon

Now I suppose I should mention you in a delicate original manner…

Is all I feel in your presence
As I dance with you
Love is all there is
As long as I’m with you
When we’re together
Love is all we need
Like a drug to me
You are my dope, my ecstasy

And now I just need to finish with something sweet and personal…

It is the only word I can use
As we embrace in this sweet glee
In the garden of life
Where we’re wild and free
It’s the only way
I can truly say what I mean
For love is what I am
When its just you and me
Like a sweet symphony
Forever dancing
Just you and me…

Now lets just look this over and see what we’ve got here…


You guys really think THIS is love?
This is bullshit,
Love is pain
Love is loss
Love is knowing someone will piss on your heart
And giving it to them anyway
Love isn’t roses and kittens
Its an endless unmitigated suffering
Its not sweet nights
On the beach
Its endless fights
And endless misery
Love is loss
Love is fucked up
And love is pure.

This is what love is

Ain't it great?

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