Moonlit Angel

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Moonlight series #1

Submitted: December 25, 2007

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Submitted: December 25, 2007



I walked
Down these barren streets at night
The soft moonlight
Just walking
And talking
To myself
As I often do
Nothing new
Just calm serenity
The soft moon
Providing all the warmth I need
Sating my ravenous mind
So sublime
And beautiful
So darkly attractive
And dutiful
Watching over me
Protecting my soul
I never know
Of fear and hate
While in her light
All desires sate
By her majestic presence
So soft
Creeping past my defense
Touching my heart
And calming the dark
That so often plagues my mind
Her presence so kind
And comforting
Like holy beings
An angelic whisper
As she softly sings
And it brings
To me a feeling
Of calm
Like a healing balm
On the insanity I omit
And I admit
To her my sins
And within her confide
As again I begin
To slip away
To the soft moonlight
The angelic aura of night
An evil glossed
And within this angels presence
Again I am lost.

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