My Mind?

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Submitted: December 25, 2007

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Submitted: December 25, 2007



Sitting here
In the dark
A silent journey
I pray embark
With pen in hand
Scribbling my thoughts
This repetition of words
Ever plaguing my mind
No need for rhythm
Consistence or rhyme
Pounding and screaming
Like a drum from hell
Killing my senses
I am becoming numb
This pain no longer felt
Though all this damage has been dealt
Surely I am insane by now
My mind clouded
I have been called
By those who ‘know’
Of what they speak
But knowledge does not exist
I often make a testimony of this
Though no one cares
No one truly cares
Myself included
My own thoughts eluded
My sanctuary raped
By fear and hate
Nonsensical blasphemies
Dancing in heresy
And heterodoxy
In this fallacious epiphany
For I am the true iconoclast
Of this abstractity
Though I do not write of sex
Drugs and dope
I am a pariah
And I alone am
My minds last hope
So speak not to me
Of knowledge
Of freedom
Of truth
For none of these do exist
Although I have no proof
Do you
My mind is revolting
And no one seems to notice
Though again I do not care
Still it might be nice
If at least one person could hear.

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