Non-existent Nothingness

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Submitted: December 25, 2007

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Submitted: December 25, 2007



A silent rant
Of death and pain
Of misery
And abstractity
Never ceasing
An eternal pestilence
Weakening my defense
A bloody sense
Of suffering
A prolonged bout of insanity
Never ending
Ever fending
Off the internal blows
No one knows
No one cares
No one can hear
The silent cries of the dead
While they’re lying in bed
Endless voices
Reverberating in their head
Hearing what was never said
They’ll eventually flip
Lose their grip
On their lives
On reality
The truth of fallacy
Just a lie
Just extended heresy
The dissident church bells
Of heterodoxy
Though no sound comes out
What’s it all about
You don’t the feeling
Of death’s mocking grip
You don’t this sh*t
This endless paroxysm of pain
This knowledge that there is naught left to gain
Driving you insane
Driving into oblivion again
These thoughts
Of death and pain
You cant shake them
Refuse or debate them
In futility I wait
My mind never sates
Always seeking
That which does not exist
Always peeking
Into the blackened abyss
Searching for an end to the pain
Searching for anything sane
Searching for a thought that does not exist
Searching for this…
This non-existent nothingness.

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