Our Communication

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Submitted: September 26, 2011

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Submitted: September 26, 2011



Our Communication


Didn't really mean to disappear!

Felt the thoughts slip in

And then

__just fall out of my head

My honest



And I don't care to resituate

I can fall down obliviously

Warming up the feeling left and bent

Now I gotta fight thee urge to see her!

It's building up

It cracks me up

I'm falling

__weightlessly, so never land

In trustful



I can knock the truth out of my dying mind

But where would that lead me?

Again I feel this

I feel this quickly!

Crawling up and down

Like a spider on a wall!

I spill the beans about me

She now knows it all!

How can I be sent from The Heavens

__above her

To be her ev'rything?

Yet, I fell on my knees

Was smashed out of my dreams

Still, I was speaking

But what did I say?

A stack of promises

__remains on my heart

Oh God, I love her

Oh, God, she's too far

And it complicates

Us texting back and forth

As if scaring he away!

I guess

But I've been busy

So has she

I've been alienated

In my sleep

Called to question about


It really is

Notice not

My charmless devises

Reeling in a moment, still


Point me out of wreckage

__Dear Jesus

I have only so much time left to live

A possibility lies at hand

The pace it's supposed to be

Comforting to even if just only I

It matters how I live

Passing tests

Run over by my mistakes

Could be even blinded by the light

That blurs all around

And if I cling to all of her

Could I be in a meltdown?

The cold weather is picking up the pace

I've been drawn to an entitlement

Called "our communication"

Holding on to a landslide

Letting myself go everytime

Never reaching and end to

__this infinite fall

No way out of what I feel

Even if far away

The realness draws me into bein' into her

And I couldn't stand to bare any pain

Of overness

Creeping into being

I want Jane to be the real thing

The real thing according to my expectations

And not the world's

I want this slow

And for forever

Whatever it is

Friendship, or whatever



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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