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I wrote this with a few people in mind, if you're one of them you'll know it. Please comment.

Submitted: December 26, 2007

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Submitted: December 26, 2007



You waver on the line of insanity
And life
Bared down be addiction
And strife
Aided by the purist of souls
And comforted be the pen
You relieve your stress and abstractity
Over and over again
Creating these perfect pictures
Scribbling on this canvas of reality
Painting an intense imagery
And concentrating mentality
Venting subconscious philosophy
Through repeated redundant dittography
Original and cliché
Infallible laws
Fallaciously obey
The pariahs and nonconformists
The anti-rebels and retro reformist
The corrupt
The fascists
The violent
And the pacifists
The philosophers
And mathematicians
All activists
And politicians
We outnumber ourselves
Internal quarrels
An abundance of difference
And contradictive morals
You never cease
Never decrease
Always find a way to circumvent
To abide of debate
Or even prevent
A way to vent
All furies
A way to answer
All life’s queries
We are the seekers of all
The beautiful truths
And the one true beauty
We all have our styles
Our ways
Our duties
We all have a goal
Of which we ne’er dissuade
We all have our journeys
Our personal crusades
And we all write for us
And for all who do not know it
We all write for truth
We all are sacred
We all are poets.

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