Rejoice, for Yours is the Gift of Life

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This is dedicated to anyone who it may apply to.

Submitted: December 26, 2007

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Submitted: December 26, 2007



You scribble your emotions
Letting out you pain
Drenched in soft thoughts
Though blood it seems the sky may rain
You never defer
Of look away
You sit at you desk
Day after day
Limits are not found
No, not in your inner thoughts
You find a way to seize
What never you sought
And manipulate you pen
To abide to your will
Putting down on paper
What might or might not be real
But what you most certainly feel
No, you shall never detour
Not from your noble quest
To fix what was not broken
To lift what may detest
Such beauty your work betrays
Yes such beauty unmitigated
Though your mind may protest
Though subconsciously you debate it
You are an artist through and through
And never must you ponder
On what path you shouldn’t choose
For all paths you may wander
Your mind untrammeled
Your thoughts never confined
For wherever there is pain
A sanctuary within yourself you find
So crie no more
Over the lost and the broken
For you posses the strength to rebel
In the words that are never spoken
Your prowess awoken
No one can tame you
And none shall you obey
Simply you will write
Of what thoughts may pass away
So rejoice
For yours is the gift of life
Create and sate
Never allow strife
Never debate
You mustn’t fight
But lead the fighters
You mustn’t die
But amend the dead
For within you head
And your mind
A power to bind
Those who lie
And those who deceive
Or whatever it may be
That you chose to fight for
Whatever it may be
That you decided to fix
For you have the power
To create
And to exist
So to you all I say
You must rebel
Against all that may
In life or death
Your will defy
So to your last breath
Never shall you lie
Down your head
For in you resides
The will to lead
And to guide
So rejoice
For yours is the gift of life
To create and sate
Through never ending night
Bring forth the light
And fight
Through your pen and thoughts
And then you will find
What was never sought.

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