Seeker of the End

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This a poem from the point of view of a Seeker of the End. Tell me what you think.

Submitted: December 26, 2007

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Submitted: December 26, 2007



It matters not
Or dreaming
What have you sought
That cannot be found
Lying on the ground
In a pool of blood
Your own?
Who knows
In you mind you travel
To where the dead flower grows
And ask it so blunt
"Why have you not taken me,
Why have you forsaken me?"
It blooms within you
But never will it submit
It knows you
And feels you
And it steels from you
But never will it take you
You seek it
And its sweet release
Your thoughts will cease
If only it would welcome you
Not mock you
Or stock you
Taking those you love
And taking them above
Or below
Who knows
Why it follows
Never attacking
You wish it would swallow
You up and take your pain away
But again it will say,
"’Tis not your  time
Fair child nor is it mine
To take you away,
So live."
But surly he is mistaken
Surely you are already dead
Or is it in your head?
Your lifeless
And pained
And its driving you insane
But stay your hand
You who seek what is not sought
Embrace your life
Dispose of strife
Confide in me
For I was once of you
My comfort I will lend
For I too once was
A seeker of the end.

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