State of Mind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My oldest series of poems called State of Mind. It mostly deals with the subject of dark abstract insanity, but some individual pieces will wander the paths of other subjects such as love and the fallacies of Man.

Table of Contents

State of Mind

This is the first in a series of poems I call "State of Mind" Read Chapter


When all is lost Chaos spread When all hope gone And honor dead An anarchy of the mind A repetition of words Never ceasing ... Read Chapter

At Least It's Still Rather Sublime

Yet another Unintentionally Unreliable And undoubtedly Undeniable Abstractity of random nothingness Seeping into my thoughts ... Read Chapter


Infuriated Agitated And all together irritated I walk these lonely streets Debating And sating These thoughts with my grief ... Read Chapter

Fallacy's Epiphany

This unruly Unclean Epiphany Of my random thoughts Bringing to me The anarchy Of this state of mind Where what I find Is ... Read Chapter


So blind are we To this misery This suffering And sacrifice This vice This blasphemy Of whatever standards held Foretold ... Read Chapter

Just Me

State of mind Through which I’m blind To all my doubts Know not what about This random repetition And absolute precision Th... Read Chapter


Obscene and unclear These thoughts that I hear I don’t produce them But try to reduce them Unwavering They stand steadfast ... Read Chapter


Do all dreams flee when darkness comes Or perhaps the darkness itself will succumb To the bliss of dreams and eternal sleep Within ... Read Chapter


Unreal Yet I feel That there is truth In these random epiphanies That plague my mind Unreal But I can tell These fallacies ... Read Chapter


Rise Above this state of mind Find this truth Still undefined Enlightening this truth Ascension my proof Open your eyes Ope... Read Chapter

Blackened Veil of Abstractity

This abstractity Pulling over me A veil of uncertainty Through which I cannot see Completely blind To my own insanity As I sc... Read Chapter


I hear it In this state of mind All lives entwine Around truth sublime My serenity, abstractity My religious views, blasphemy ... Read Chapter


Hatred Fear Drawing ever nearer This constant threat on my sanity My vision clouded by abstractity Forever ‘tis sublime In ... Read Chapter

I Think I've Lost It

Yet another empty poem Filled with my thoughts Singing a song unknown As it plots The utter destruction of my soul Yet another ... Read Chapter

No More

This fucked up feeling Turning me insane Driving my mind away Blinding me with pain Why do I feel this way In the light of day ... Read Chapter


Heightened senses Still random and unclear This state of mind A burden I must bear The chasm I hear Calling me near Stripped ... Read Chapter

The End

Eternity Simply put Just isn’t long enough To hold from me This abstractity That tears Heightened fears Coming nearer A... Read Chapter

Final State of Mind

This is the end The pain I use to feel So black and cold And unmitigated to the core Now rather sublime, These thoughts ... Read Chapter