State of Mind - I Think I've Lost It

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state of mind 15

Yet another empty poem
Filled with my thoughts
Singing a song unknown
As it plots
The utter destruction of my soul
Yet another random state of mind
And somewhat sublime
Kinda’ benign
As it all begins to align
With my faltering thoughts
Like tiny dots
On the face of my mind
Its all to kind
Like bright lights
In a rightfully black night
So I fight
Screaming profane things
But it begins to sing
A soft cadence of lullaby
I’d rather die
They say I’m crazy
‘cause of my deep dark thoughts
But these spots
Staining my black
With hope and love
Its all f***ed up
I begin to feel less lazy
They say I was insane
But this is, my friend,
This is crazy!

Submitted: December 19, 2007

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