State of Mind - No More

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Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



This f***ed up feeling
Turning me insane
Driving my mind away
Blinding me with pain
Why do I feel this way
In the light of day
This light that blinds my senses
And makes me regret my life
Feeling me with doubt
What is this f***ing strife
Damned to hell
I fell
Into the chasm of my mind
This unmitigated suffering
My thoughts again do bind
As they often do
Damn you
Damn you to hell and back
Your numbing attack
Driving me again to inanity
You plague my mind
I cannot find
A way out
Or in
And again I am lost
Please save me goddess
Please drive away this fallacious bliss
My moonlit angel
But you cannot hear me now
Even as I crie
Ready to die
But death just watches
Uncertain what to do
As he mocks me
And my abstractity
Of my minds eye
Does blind
This f***ed up feeling
Lost between my many pains
What is left to be gained
My only love
Lost to your influence
Damn it
My moonlit goddess
Cannot save me now
And I am lost
My pain engulfing me
I must find a way out
Must ditch my doubt
Turning me insane
But no more
For I will pick myself up
And return
I have been burned
But no more
I will save myself
That feeling I felt
I have slain
All my pain away
And I say
No more
At least not today.

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