State of Mind - Serenity

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Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



Do all dreams flee when darkness comes
Or perhaps the darkness itself will succumb
To the bliss of dreams and eternal sleep
Within the mind were souls do reap
The abundance of chaos and anarchy
For the devouring greed of serenity
The equivalent exchange for happiness
The extensive damage of gleeful bliss
The malicious intent of all good things
Unveiling the unadorned fallacies
That threaten the way of cowards and kings
Within minds chasm where all thoughts cling
To the selflessness of the only truth
That all lies are their only proof
That sanity within them exists
In waiting for the silver kiss
Which will free them from their chains
And relieve them Of their pains
That will threaten to expose mortality
And see the truths are fallacies
So in this silence I do plea
For the return of my minds sanctity
So my thoughts can walk on hallowed ground
Where they’re limitless and unbound
To the laws of men and mortal beings
That through my mind their voices ring
Return my mind's serenity.

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