State of Mind - Unreal

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Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



Yet I feel
That there is truth
In these random epiphanies
That plague my mind
But I can tell
These fallacies will guide
As I travel blind
In the abyss of my mind
But I see
That if I believe
Ill be freed
Form this eternal damnation
That clouds my senses
Through failed defenses
Yet somehow I find
At the mercy of my mind
I can’t tell
What’s happening
In this hell
That has engulfed me
Is this true or false
How often they coincide
In the blackened waltz
Of suicide
That calls me
Yet I still feel
That all is real
And I cant tell
How to get out
Of this state of mind
That eats at me
When my thoughts will bind
In this anarchy
That I see
Through blind eyes
But it is real
For I can sense it there
Where it waits
To hear
My silent debate
And take advantage of
My weakened state
And from it birth
The seeds of hate
My fate
Cant deny it
Only subside it
But this fallacy 
I know is true
And these truths
Are false through and through
For where reality ends
A sanctuary exists
For this dark abyss
Of which
I can feel my life
Can it be unreal
When its all I feel
And the demons come
In fleeting sun
How unreal
Is this reality
And how true
Are my fallacies
I bleed
From this unreal cut
Where crimson life flows
I know
But I must go
To what I feel
In this abyss unreal
And seal
My loathing self
Where I dwell
In this mind
I kill
My prey unreal
Unreal thoughts come
And I run
From the truth
Which brings
This goddamned bliss
The silver kiss
That frees me
From my anarchy
And still I can tell
This place is hell
For in it exists
The fears
I feel
This pain unreal
Calling to me
This epiphany
That lies through clenched teeth
I can sense beneath This all
there lies
The truth that I feel
In this state of mind
So unreal.

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