Suicide VII

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This was just pouring out my thoughts onto paper, I had planned on revising it but I decided that I'd keep it in this raw form because it keeps to the theme of remorse, insanity, uncertainty, and freedom. This is number 7 in the Suicide series and in this one I took a slightly different approach writing in the view of my humanized suicide. Please comment, whether you like it or not, I would love to know what you all think of it.

Submitted: January 19, 2008

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Submitted: January 19, 2008



Listen to the humbled crie
A plea to end the pain
Listen to the wretched crie
A plea to feel again

Hear them as I hear them
And feel what I have felt
Hear them crie and scream and beg
And kneel before them as I’ve knelt

What more is there that I can do
But grant them peace and death
What more is there to free their souls
But take their pleading breath

It truly pains me, I speak not lies
And I do not for them
I do it to save my worthless heart
Though nothing it has been

I admit to my meaningless sins
Though truly there are none
Every single thing I do
Is something that must be done

To free these poor souls
From pain
From fear
If only you could see
Could hear
The bleeding hearts
The wretched cries
The deep scared wrists
And swollen eyes

Would you not help them
Or even help yourself
I think if you could see
Could feel what I have felt

Could know of my pain
You would fear no more
You would only long

For an end to the pain
So you could breath once more
And remember that you’re strong

I am a reaper
The reaper who strayed
I could not feel for the dead

I am the reaper
The reaper delayed
So I took to the living instead

I felt their pain
I saw their blood
I know their sorrow
Not their love

So from them I took what pained me
In doing so I thought to be free

But in the stead of pain
I have gained
Not remorse or guilt
I kneel where I have always knelt

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