The Eternal Path

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This one may not make much sense to the reader in some places. I wrote and re-wrote this one about a hundred times in probably 30 minutes. Tell me what you think.

Submitted: December 27, 2007

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Submitted: December 27, 2007



The moon shines bright
Lighting his way
As he walks this dirt road
Until judgment day
An endless path
Through the dead forest of his mind
Forever he walks
Until a way out he finds
The blackened sky laughs at him
As he traverses his fear
The white ravens mock
Their wretched voices he hears
As forgotten church bells ring
Through the endless night
Bringing him pain
Doubt and fright
He just keeps walking
He knows his path well
And he knows it will lead him
To his eternal hell
Yet he doesn’t deter
He doesn’t turn back
He doesn’t fear the end
He doesn’t fear the fact
That there is no end
No not for him
Nor was there ever a beginning
There has never been
His eternity of torture
He takes it in stride
He never looks down
Never cowers or hides
The river rushes beside him
Running red with blood
He looks down above it
As it stares back above
Black rain runs down his face
Like the tears of the sky
But he never wishes an end
He wont just give up and die
Black roses grow in his garden
Their beauty never seen
He knows that they’re there
Though never have they been
The wind blows around him
Steady and true
Cold like hell
As white ravens flew
He stares up at the moon
Lighting his way
As he traverses his dead road
‘Till he reaches judgment day.

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