The Prospect

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Submitted: December 28, 2007

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Submitted: December 28, 2007



Out of reach
These memories spiral
In a dizzying hurricane
Of loathe and regret
Such a sublime prospect
The silence of death
The calm bliss of peace
Until faced with absolute demise
Regretted actions
Missed chances
An entire life
With no accomplishments
I did not fear death
But welcomed it
To escape from this life
I did not run from death
But accepted it
And embraced it
But standing here
On the edge of my mind
Staring out over the barren fields
I do not fear death
But the prospect of leaving so much undone
So much unsaid
All these thoughts
Swirling just out of reach
Close enough to contemplate
But too far away to grasp
I feel the pull
Torn between peace and fulfillment
One step
And I’m over the edge
One step
And I’m back on solid ground
I step down
Leaving what I’ve longed for so long
Standing on that divide
I did not fear death
I was not afraid of dying
But of the prospect
Of ceasing to exist. 

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