To Pity, To Hope, To Grieve, To Understand, And To Ignore

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Submitted: December 30, 2007

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Submitted: December 30, 2007



Life is what you make it
Though only with the provisions life has provided
The logic is irrelevant
The outcome is germane
Though I am quite content
With walking undeterred
And blessed be those
Who seek the truth
Knowing what they seek
And pity be those who know the truth
Whose knowledge makes them meek
A toast to those
Who look at a blade of grass
And recognize the beauty and life
And power that flows within it
And understand on a profound level
Its importance
And to those who understand
And are overwhelmed
But can still remember the truth
It’s just a blade of grass
I applaud thee
Who ignore and understand
And damn that that ignore
And hope for thee that grieve
Those who can neither ignore it nor understand it
And pity still
For those who are driven mad with understanding
Unable to ignore it
For it is death
And I can see, and comprehend, and feel, and ignore
And grieve, not for it,
But for those who don’t understand, and those who understand to well.

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