Voices of Death

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I wrote this after my good friend Ashley killed himself. Comments and criticsm are appreciated.

Submitted: December 31, 2007

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Submitted: December 31, 2007



People scream
But go unheard
They bleed and die
Without anyone noticing
They cut themselves
And no one cares
They call for help
And are ignored
But I hear them
Every one
I hear their agonizing voices
Begging me to help them
But I know not what to do
I try to sleep
But they wont let me
The living
The dead
I just cant get them out of my head
It pains me
To know I am useless
It hurts
To hear them drown and suffocate
And I debate
Whether I should just suffocate myself
And be rid of these torturous cries
People lie
In pools of their own blood
Their lives slipping away
And no one seems to care
Like they cannot hear the voices
But I can.

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