What Fear I Feel

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I have often prayed for the existence of a heaven. Though to what god I am unsure. It is not for eternal bliss, unbound peace, understanding, knowledge, acceptance, or any other trivial thing. In the last year I have written nearly 400 poems, and for each I lay down on paper, there are a million more yearning to be released. I am not alone in this thinking. For every great writer, a life cannot be enough. But with eternity, and the lack of such trivial things as money and rest, a man could pour his soul into his work and produce such beauty that could stretch across thousands of pages. I pray for a great library that would hold every text, article, poem, and novel ever concieved on earth or otherwise. And, for every word I have ever read, there is a bountiful, endless aboundance of words I have not. And for this I pray.

Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008



Do You sit beside me in spirit,
As I feel You do?
Though I cannot see You
Cannot touch You
I feel You there
Beside me.
Do You hear my voice,
As I whisper Your name?
Do You feel my shame
For You know I am to blame
I cannot fell that
Inside You.
That means You are still proud,
Doesn’t it?
As I sit
With You I sit
I feel You there
Beside me.
Do You know my name still,
Without me there
Do You no my fear
Can You feel I care
For I still do
Though I do not speak it to You.
Do You still sit here beside me,
In spirit as You have before?
For I long for Your comfort
And I fear I will not find You.

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