What Nightmares Come

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My favorite, I wrote this piece on a whim about a year ago. It rekindled my love in poetry and gave birth to almost all the poems I've written sense.

Submitted: January 01, 2008

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Submitted: January 01, 2008



What nightmares come
in midnight dreary,
What demons roam
in fright and fury?

What dreams shall end
when darkness comes,
Will nightmares flee
the rising sun?

What questions rise
when queries fold?
In black abyss
so dark and cold.

What thoughts should come
within minds chasm,
When all alone
no man can fathom.

What sacrifices
dreams shall make,
What things remembered
once you wake?

What men be slain
what blood spilt red,
What swords be sheathed
once crimson bled?

Shall nightmares come,
in midnight dreary?

Do all dreams end,
when darkness comes?

Will answers sate,
all minds query?

Or must they flee,
with rising sun?

What nightmares come?
What nightmares come...

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