Whispering Waters

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A special thanks to Sasha for the inspiration. Comments and criticism are appreciated.

Submitted: January 02, 2008

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Submitted: January 02, 2008



I sit on the riverbank
Watching the calming waters flow
A sweet serenity
Of which few know
A soft breeze on my cheek
As the rushing water sweeps by
An eagle sores overhead
I no longer hear the distant cries
I dwell within myself
In complete silence
Save the whispering of the water
Like an eternal ether defiance
The moon is bright
The air so sweet
I sit her wading in the water
Splashing around my feet
She sings of love
Of hope of sorrow
Of death and joy
Of a better tomorrow
I sit hear in silence
And listen to the water whisper
Singing a soft melody
Of which I delve
My soul at peace
In my mind where I dwell
At this river bank
The calming waters rush by
I sit and dream ’till the day I die
Just sit hear in sweet silence
Listening to the waters soft whispers.

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