I made myself free.

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Emilie will find out what it means to be free...

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




“What are we going to do now Bettie?” My sister asked.

I reached for her hand, “We’re going to be free.”

A tear slid from Emilie’s eye. Freezing with January air, the water from Deep Lake lapped at our bare feet. Feet that were dirty with soil and moss from the woods.

“I’m scared.” Emilie’s grip on my hand tightened. Crimson stained our hands and dresses but we hardly noticed. My heart was beating hard, half from the fear and half from our escape through the woods. I walked out knee deep into the water.

“Come on, we have to.” I beckoned. She took a few small steps closer.

“It’s cold.” She said.

“Once you’re free you won’t even notice.”

A gust of icy wind howled across the black water and tossed our tangled blonde manes. It was exactly as it was when I was here alone two years ago. After I had escaped from the Shadow Man’s cabin and ran through the same path down to the water where I became free. I thought I was free. Now it was Emilie’s chance.

She was now waist deep with me, “He’s going to find us.”

“Emilie, he’s gone.” I was now up to my knees. She lowered her stained hands into the water, scrubbing them as if to rid herself of the past hours events. The images of the Shadow Man, the carving knife she found on the rusty table, the blood. Her blood, blood of the others, but mostly the Shadow Man’s. She had escaped like me, but she was the one who ended it.

“You have to hurry now Emilie. Before it’s too late.” My head was almost submerged, my hand reaching for hers.

“I don’t want to be free anymore…” She whispered.

I grasped her hand as my feet leapt off of the drop off. She screamed as she was pulled under. She screamed but she was free. When I was taken by the Shadow Man I escaped but I wasn’t free. He was still out there in that cabin with the rusted table, the carving knife, the blood. Until he came for Emilie. She ended it and now she’ll be free for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They say I killed myself.

But I know I didn’t.

I made myself free.

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