Forgotten Children

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two siblings left off on their own, traveled to many places until their mother found them.
Authors Note:
This is in between the story like it's just a scene.
These two kids are half Vampire half Humans
Their mom is a full blood Vampire

Author's note: this story is off my other writing Stunuseya, in chapter 14....

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



It was dark out...

Little girl on a deck as of in old times, she was wearing a sleeping gown with many laces, florets, to keep form the cold, tough high heel boot, with thigh high socks, she has such long nice blonde hair, always thin and straight, she always have her hair down never pulled back, with straight bangs

A boy in plaid shorts, with a plain white t-shirt, a stolen jacket with fancy florets, with an old beaten up cap, and worn out shoes, he has nice dirty blonde hair

Big brother, where are we going?

Jest: Don’t worry Lyka, where ever we go you’re always safe, because I’m here.

Really? Oh big brother you’re the best!

Boat honks its horns

“Land oh!!”

People were walking off the deck onto the padding bridge

The two kids gets off the boat

Someone grabs the little girl’s arm and yanks her back so hard that she slammed into the person grabbing her

Next thing Jest knew was that a hand flew right towards his face; he grabbed it and moved it to the side to see whose hand it was and it was his mother

His mother made a disgusted face

She looked rich and sassy, one of your duchess, with a fan, always in a ball room dress, shorten on the front her dress to show off her legs, she never wore under dress, showing off all her cleavage, leaving nothing to the imagination, she had light green eyes, with a really dark red hair, in one huge curl

Jest: sorry mother, I thought you…

Mother: is this how your greet you mother after so many years?

Lyka: mother! I’ve missed you so, have you got me a gift as promised?

Mother: a gift? When was this?

Jest: under the bridge, when papa died, of course you won’t remember

Mother: now, now, Lyka, mother has been really busy…

Lyka: busy with the BOYS! That’s what you’ve been doing! You never visit us anymore! If only papa was here...

A hand comes in the air the slap

But Jest stops it

Jest: she’s right, but there’s more, ever since my birth you never cared to even look at us

Mother: I’m your mother how you dare say such things to me! Hmph, that’s it! It’s been a longtime since your punishment, Lyka your punishment is to be permanent you are to be a sex slave for the rest of your life! Unless you to be wedded a wealthy man, which would never happen if you don’t know how to seduce do you now, but don’t worry, mommy going to be right next to you making it harder to leave that place, and you jest you’re going to become a slave for the slave trade, doesn’t it sound fun! I know you boys love to travel.

Jest: you can’t do this!

Mother: oh yes I can

A gang of people comes out behind the mother and ties jest up, one man gropes Lyka, and unstraps her as he takes her to the sex house, the mother flows along with an evil laugh

The next morning

a ship far off land was burned and skunked

Safe boat surrounds the ship

The Safe boats were filled with SLAVES

the slave traders were all slain as if someone has eaten them

sucked their blood out

some even lost their arms and legs

and there stands Jest

filled with blood

his slave uniform was soaked in blood

many feared him

many worshiped him

the boy who freed the slaves

Jest: and thats what they called me now, but that's not it, once I got off that boat I ran to my sister...

Jest: Lyka! Lyka!

Jest ran and ran, the sex house was on fire, he saw his mom coming out of the house in a mess

Jest: you-you old hag, where's Lyka

Mother: That bitch, she burned the place down, she attacked that man, I thought she was just a mere human, and you! How did you get here? I sent you off! Unless

Jest: Mother if we were just mere humans, we would of never survived over these year

Mother: nonetheless Lyka is nothing then a mere human, she may have fangs, but her power is but nothing

Jest: that's because her heart is failing! You wouldn't know!

Mother: come child, lets find another life, your are my noble son aren't you?

Jest: No mother, thats was ages ago

Jest then grabs the mom and he was about to rip her heart out

Mother: now, now, jest your Brothers wouldn't like that will they?

© Copyright 2020 Iurivang. All rights reserved.

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