Innocent Little Aloysius

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Little Aloysius, Being pure as ever, darkness never got in her way. Until one little corruption visited her heart.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



A small innocent village was attack by foreign villagers. The small village is filled with land to farm on. Chaos approached the village, filled with despair and misery, but deep inside that village lives a little girl with a heart so pure, filled with hope and dreams. She tried to help the poor by picking flowers and giving it to them for free. Every coin she made was given to the poor. She is poor herself, but her Uncle and Aunt are rich. She lives with her Uncle and Aunt, ever since the attack, her parents died. She is a single daughter, they say she haves an older brother in war, but no doubt he’s dead. They never let her use the money. She goes out as long as she wants and they won’t mind because she is not their child. The little girl also travels with a pet, a bunny named Chum Chum; she brings her everywhere. She always feed Chum Chum with crumbs of food. Chum Chum is a really small bunny. The little girl’s Aunt and Uncle didn’t know about Chum Chum. Chum Chum was found out in the wild. Ever since the little girl found Chum Chum, she always wears a hat to hide Chum Chum. She sleeps in a barn along with other animals and some pilgrims. She invites people with no homes over to give them hospitality and kindness. Her name is Aloysius. She is thirteen years old. She is open-minded and her heart is pure.

One day it was Aloysius’s Uncle’s birthday. There was a big celebration planned the next day! Aloysius did not inspect on attending the party. News spread about, of Aloysius, “I heard he has a niece,” “Is she beautiful, have you seen her? I heard she haves a voice of an angel!” “They say ‘Her hair is as straight as can be!”  Aloysius’s eating manner is terrible; she eats with only her hands! She never used spoons and forks before. She never wore a dress or heels. Her hair, never brushed, always in knots! Of course Aloysius had no idea who they were talking about. Aloysius was envious of the girl they were talking about. So she asked Chum Chum, “Am I beautiful?” Chum Chum answered with a nibble on her finger. Aloysius was then given a lecture from her aunt,

“Make sure you brush your hair, look at yourself, know your body shape, always keep a hand mirror with you, never keep a long face on, look with pride and royalty, and keep a good face on.”

The next day, Aloysius was given a makeover, she had no idea what was going on. All Aloysius knew is that, she is going to look beautiful. Aloysius’s Uncle’s birthday finally came. People stared at her, with envious faces. She acted with pride and royalty, but she didn’t feel right, like something was missing. Chum Chum was hidden in the barn. Aloysius had many boys talking to her, but she didn’t know what the word love means, she never heard of it. Aloysius was kind to everyone, they gave her many gifts, but she always tried to deny them all. The guest did not accept her answers and gave it to her anyways. The poor saw her rise, and it gave them a little hope in life.

Aloysius’s life was changing; she was accepted by her Uncle and Aunt. Aloysius’s was given daily lectures, at school, home, when taking a walk. She learned how to use money wisely, how to keep to yourself, and save a lot of money. Aloysius learned how to do business, bargain, convince others, and how to set up goals. Aloysius was losing her kindness slowly and slowly. Aloysius gave Chum Chum away to a little five year old girl. Her Aunt told Aloysius

“In order to keep your reputation up, you need education, have ears, listen to what people talk about, get people to listen to you, and keep a tight face.”

Aloysius became less emotional, talked in short sentences, said what need to say and most of all was, she hid her doubts. She held her spot as an adopted child, with a lot of money. Aloysius had many hopes, expectations, but she never knew that it could ruin her relationship with others. Since her relationship with others was a little off she decided so what. Aloysius hid her identity. She started to separate from the public and slowly worked for her goal.

 Aloysius settled for a goal, to become the principal of a religious school. She began to go to Churches to learn about the religious things, like god, the sins people have, the mistakes people make. Aloysius was now filled with courage, had brilliant ideas. She kept her goal clean and clear. She worked hard to achieve her goals, keep up a good reputation, making a lot of money, keeping good uniform, trying to look like the duchess. Her reputations built up more and more. She met a guy that was poor, and kind just like she used to be. The guy knew she had two sides and always tried to inspire her to act the way you want, don’t be something you don’t want to be. They later became a couple.

Just because she seems mean picky, always giving lectures, and is so annoying, doesn’t mean she never had a heart. And it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have another side of kindness. Keep an open-mind when you meet people. Create an idea of people’s personality; learn about them, before you tell others “She is evil, cruel, heartless, loud, etc.”  People can act however they want, if you don’t like them, don’t talk about them, or else people will say your picky, cruel etc.

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