Jims Nightmare

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After his daughter had died a year ago along with his wife, in a car crash. He moved to an Apartment with a bulit in cafe. He left to start a new life. He wanted people to know what he was going thourgh, so he wrote a book. One night he had a nightmare. Ever since he had that nightmare, it repeated, over and over. He felt like he was stuck in time.

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



When the wind blew past, Jim walked to the roof of the apartment. The night was really dark and misty, with the full moon out. Everyone was fast asleep; it was 3:00am. Jim had carried a teddy bear along with him; it was the bear he had just bought for his daughter before she had died. Jim walked to ledge of the apartment. He dropped the bear and took a look down off the ledge. He stood there in silence. Jim then took a jump. As he fell he turned his face towards the sky. As he looked back at the ledge he had jumped off of. Right there in is original position was his daughter. She was holding the bear. Jim cried for her name but nothing came. Then he landed. Gasping for air, he tried moving his arms to get up. But all his strength seemed too disappeared.

Jim then wakes up, lying on his bed, in his apartment. As he gets up, he was sweating in fear. Jim looked at the time it was 8:00am. He ran to the bathroom to wash his face and get a drink of water. Jim had to go work in two hours. Jim got dressed and went down stairs, to eat at the cafe.

As Jim sat down at a table, he took a look at the cafe. It was a Chinese cafe. The waitress/cafe owner came over and took his order. Jim was the only customer there. It was almost too quiet.

After finishing his meal, he took off to his office at a studio two blocks away.

As Jim was walking, there seemed to be less people out that day. Some people where wearing strange clothing as if they were from the 1960s. The people were silence. They never spoke a word. They just walked right past him.
When Jim reached his office. It was really dark and quiet. Just the way he likes it. Jim went to sit down in front of his computer. He turned it on and opened his rough drafts. He started to continue his book. After an hour later he heard a scratching noise. He jumped up. He listened again. It sounded like it came from inside him cabinets of papers. He slowly approached the cabinet. When he opened it a black cat jumped out of the cabinet. He turned to look at the cat but it was gone. Jim's office door was open. He walked over to the door. He took a look outside to see if the cat was there, but it wasn't there at all. Jim then closes his office door. He thought that someone was just trying to play pranks on him.

It was 2:50 Jim decided to take stop writing and headed home.

On his way home, nobody was out. It was 3:00am. Everyone was fast asleep. It was silent and cold out... It was really dark and misty... The full moon was out... When the wind blew.......Jim walked to the roof of the apartment......

Jim wakes up lying on his bed, sweating in FEAR.

3:00Am. Jim died from suicide.

Jim had no other relatives to set a funeral for Jim; it seems he was too young to die.

The waitress/owner of the cafe respected Jim a lot. So he made a shrine for Jim. The Cafe man offered Jim food every day.

Jim's book was found and published. In his book it showed how he didn’t want his daughter to know that he was dead. Is Jim really dead?

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