The After School Book Club

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I was the President at the time, when I decided to share my opioin with the world. About the fiaries, the monsters, about how they just come and goes.

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



It was one hot and humid day right after school, when I schedule our first meeting in the town’s public library. On that day we were all wearing our school uniforms. I had my brown, long, straight hair tied to the side of my head. There was about five of us. I was the president of the club, my best friend Kelly, a girl with brown eyes and black, short and straight hair, was the vice president. Then there were three other members who all love to read.

As we carried our bags and books we settled down at one of the circular tables in the library, I then introduced them to the club, “Welcome to The Book Club! As you can see in this club we read books. My name is Misa. I am the president of this club. I am responsible for assigning you books and leading discussion.”

Pointing to the girl next to me I said, “This here is Kelly she is the vice president of this club. She is responsible for scheduling meetings and keeping track of who is behind. The first Genre we will be reading is Mystery. Is there any questions?”

One of the students, Jessica, a girl with blonde, long, neat, curly, hair, and geeky glasses, stood up raised her hand and politely and said, “Are we going to read about Fantasy?”

I looked at Jessica and gave her a fierce look, licked my lips and said, “Sadly no, Fantasy is something people should not read. It makes people create false hope and dreams. It forces people to imagine and believe things such as fairies and monsters to be real. As if they are watching you’re every move. And by all means if you meet them you have to fall in love or maybe become good friends or otherwise they're all trying to kill you. Then in the very end if you survive and if you are unfortunate, you will forget about them years later as if it was all a dream. So my answer is no, fantasy is a false genre in which I believe is pointless to read.”

Jessica gave me a sad look then sat back in her seat without saying a single word. I looked around the table and saw a boy named Ryan who had black, spiked hair staring at me with his left hand under his chin, as of in a thinking mode.

I turned to him and said “What? Do you have something to say Ryan?”

Ryan smirked at me then got up off his chair and started to walked around the table and said “Fantasy is something people like you should not judge about. Fantasy isn’t a genre for no reasons. Fantasy is something that inspires people to imagine outside of the box. If you’re always looking inside the box you might as well miss all the chances you have in your life.”

Suddenly I saw Jessica jump out of her chair, causing her chair to fall over behind her, she then raise her right hand straight into the air and shouted happily “Talking about boxes, I heard there was an old legend in this library, about how this old ancient box holds mysteries and magic!”

Then I heard someone digging through their bag. I turned my head and saw Preston, a boy with short blonde hair, digging through his bag, he grabbed a book out and said to himself sarcastically, “What a coincidence, I have the book of that legend with me.”

He noticed that I was staring at him and gave me a wink. I looked at him with disgust. Someone from behind me ran right past me, bumping into my shoulder, causing me to land on the ground. As I stood up trying to keep my body in alignment, I tried to see who bumped me and it was Kelly. She stood by Preston hopping, giggling, and had her hand out so that Preston would give her the book. Preston could care less about Kelly, he had his eyes on me.

He walks towards me, pushing Kelly aside and handing the book to me and said, “I know you want to read it, especially since you love mystery books so much.”

He then jester the book to me and said “take it.”

I glanced at the book and looked back at his face. This time his face looked serious. This made me feel awkward. So I licked my lips and backed away and said “No thank you, I don't want to be inspired by false meanings.”

Preston then chuckled at me, turned his head, started walking to a book shelve lettered F14 and said, “Suit yourself, I'll leave it on this shelve. You can grab it when you want to read it.”

He then gave me another wink. This time I looked away and saw Kelly had stacked the mystery books I was going to assign them on the table.

So I shouted “Everyone gather around the table. Today we will be reading about The Count of the Monte Cristo.”

Kelly then helped me hand out the books. As Ryan grabbed the book from my hand.

He whispered to me, “Are you going to do some extra reading? I know everyone is suspicious about that book Preston had. Don't believe me if you want to, but I met a fox lady from within my bedroom window. She told me she was hungry. I know this is ridiculous, but earlier I bought a corn dog and set it by my desk at my window before going to bed and she smelt it from the forest and stole it from me!”

I pushed Ryan away and said “yeah, right. I don't believe a single word you're saying”

Kelly tapped me on the shoulder and said, “President would you like to announce how many pages they have to read tonight?”

I gave her a delighted smile and said “Yes, I'd love to. Okay everyone, tonight as I have calculated, we will be reading to page 106, since you all love to read.”

Preston sighed and said to me “106? That’s so many pages.”

Ryan walked around the table and threw his arm around Preston and said, “It's a decent amount of pages, what are you talking about.”

Jessica looked at me and said “I can read ahead right?”

I smiled happily and said “of course, why not, it is highly suggested that you try to read ahead.”

Jessica clapped her hands together and said, “Okay boss!”

After a while of silent reading, I dismissed the club. Kelly and I stayed behind to clean up, since we brought snacks and spread all kinds of book on the table. When we finished cleaning and were about to head out. Kelly pulled my arm from behind me. I shrieked quietly and said, “What are you doing? I need to get home for dinner.”

Kelly didn't say a word. She gave me the panda eyes and puffed out her checks. So I asked her “What? Tell me what you want me to do or I'm going home.”

She pulled me back and said, “No! Wait, please, pretty please stay here.”

I looked at her fiercely and said “No, don't tell me, you want me to read Preston's book and look for that box.”

Kelly nodded her head again with the panda eyes. So I asked her “Why do I have to do everything, can't you just read the book by yourself and look for it later?”

Kelly shouted “No! You have to read it for me, and look for it at night so no one is suspicious.”

I licked my lips and said “Aren't you going to stay with me?”

Kelly looked away and said, “No, sorry I'm really scared of the dark...and Misa you're really good at figuring out clues and hints, so having me to read the book isn't going be of any help.”

I sighed and said, “Kelly if I do this you owe me, because this is really pointless. This is just going to prove that fantasy is not real.”

Kelly jumped up, screamed, clapped her hands, causing her to drop her backpack onto the floor and jumped in for a hug, and she then shouted “Thank you Misa! You're the best! You have to show me the box when you find it okay?”

She walked to the door, turned around gave me a wink, and said, “Good luck Misa! I know you will find that box!”

The door then closed behind her, making me the only one in the library. I walked back to the circular table and unpacked my things. I had my journal out so I could write down important hints and clues. I walked to the book shelve F14 to grab the book, but it wasn't there.

I thought about it. “Did Preston take the book back? Did one of the students take the book to read and make their own adventure?”

I went back to the circular table sat down in my seat and told myself, “They're playing with me I know it. What are the chances of Kelly wanting me to find this box? It's probably not even real.”

Suddenly my bag fell off the table causing all my things to fall out, I jumped up gasping. I looked around I didn't see anything or hear anything other than me breathing, but I still called out “I know you guys are there, come on, stop this stupid joke.”

No one answered me. I walked over to my bag to pick up my thing, I looked at the top of the pile and there it was, Preston's book, it was white and had no title or author. I grabbed it, knowing that inside the book was just a little note that they were just playing with me. But no, it was blank. I flipped the pages over and over, still nothing.

I laughed, “I see, what kind of joke is this? Wow.”

I then tossed the book onto the circular table. When it landed, it landed on its side. And the pages started to flip. When the book stopped flipping, from where I was standing I could see that there was writings on the pages. I walked over to the book and took a closer look. I read it closely trying to figure out what it said “If you believe in what you think you will see me. I am inside your heart. If you look at me you can see a door. Beyond that door there is a reflection of me. I am above you and under your foot. Look for me because if you're too slow you will miss me.”

I repeated to myself, “Believe in what I think? Okay that's easy to do, now let’s see inside my heart? Hmm...What is inside my heart? Maybe it’s a hidden symbol somewhere around the room?”

I walked around the library looking for a heart symbol. I looked at the walls carefully just in case it was a small symbol. I looked at all the wooden tables thinking that maybe it was carved into one of them. After a while of looking I came back to my seat and looked at the book again. There it was the clues.

I repeated to myself again “I am inside your heart.”

I sat there in silent and called out “Okay I believe in you, give me a hint! Wow, I sound like I’m talking to some kind of ghost?”

Suddenly a book dropped from a book shelf. I twitched and said “Nah it can't be ghost, there's no such things.”

I walked over to the book that had fallen down and read the title of the book Romeo and Juliet.

I asked myself, “Romeo and Juliet? Oh I get it now; I am inside your heart, the romance genre. Okay, so if I look at this book, maybe I'll be able to find a door? No there wouldn't be a door inside a book, but maybe a key?”

I flipped through the book over and over. I saw nothing. I looked at it one more time and then I realize one of the pages seemed to of had been glued together. I tried to rip it open carefully. And there it was the key, with a heart on one end. It was quite small. So I thought to myself “This must be the key to open the box, now I have to find the door..?”

I walked around and around looking at all the rooms to find some kind of reflection. I couldn’t find a single thing that would reflect. I sat down at my seat again and looked around and read the clues again. “If you look at me you can see a door.”

I looked at the romance genre shelf from my seat and saw that the girl’s bathroom was behind the shelf. Then said to myself “of course it would be in the bathroom, all bathrooms have mirrors. I ran into the bathroom as quick as I could. When I got in there I looked into the mirrors and whispered quietly “I am above you and under your foot. What does that mean? It's impossible to be above and under me, unless it's two different things.” I looked at the ceiling the only thing I saw was the air vent, so I decided to open it. There was nothing. I studied the ceiling tiles and saw a heart symbol on top of the first toilet booth. I went into the booth to study that symbol. I climbed the toilet and tried to feel the texture of the symbol, and before I knew it I pressed it in just like a button. Then from beneath the sinks one of the floor tiles pops up a little.

I jumped off the toilet seat and said “This is it.”

I walked over to the sinks and pulled the floor tile away. And there it was the box everyone was talking about. The box was wooden; it had foreign writings all over it. I examined the box as much as I could before opening it. It seemed that the writing on the box was repeated over and over. I brought Preston's book to the bathroom. I settled down underneath the sink. I put the book down and the pages flipped again.

After I a couple of pages flipped I read it, “Open if you dare.”

I laughed, “Are you kidding me? I thought this is supposed to be funny, wow, okay, I'll open it just to prove that this is all a joke and that you guys all believe fantasy is all dumb to read about.”

So I took the key and put in the key slot. It fit perfectly but wouldn't turn. So I pulled the key out, but doing so the box opened up by itself. It created crease lines on itself then propped open slowly just like a machine. I leaned over to take a closer look. And there, inside the box was a book that read, Fantasy written by believers.

I laughed so hard and said, “what kind of author is that?”

I opened the book, expecting to see a bunch of short stories written by many believers, but again it was blank. I was so frustrated I tossed the book towards the first toilet booth and shouted “What is with a these blank pages, are there like, invisible fairies or something?”

The books pages flipped and flipped then the toilet booth closed by itself. I jumped. I got up off the floor and walked towards the booth and said “hello?”

I then pushed the booth open, for it was still opened not locked. Inside the book was a sketch of a female fairy. It was drawn with pencil and there was no color. Suddenly, I felt a piece of my hair sticking up and I heard giggles. I turned my head and felt my hair dropped, there was nothing there. I looked back at the book and there and I could see the book was drawing on itself with no pen or pencil. I heard the giggles again. Afraid of spiritual beings, I grabbed the book and started to exit of the bathroom door. But before I reached the door I saw in mirror the fairy from the book braiding my hair. I turned my head to where I had seen it. There it was, it screamed and backed away when it realized I had spotted it. It then flew towards my face and tapped my nose and giggles again. I looked at the book again to see if the one drawing was finished. I looked carefully at it, I saw many, many fairies playing and laughing. But in the back, there was something evil. Something I thought up of when I was afraid, a Spiritual being. Suddenly I heard more than one giggles a lot of them. There was about fifteen fairies crowding me to braid my long hair. But I was still scared due to the fact that there was a spiritual being in the back of the picture. I ran to my seat by the circluar table with the Fantsy book leaving the box behind. I sat down and realized the fairies where still there. I felt comforted by the fairies especially due to their happiness. But deep inside I thought of evil beings knowing that the spiritual being could do anything to us. I looked back at the book this time the page was flipped it was almost like a picture book. The faries were still there, but this time, they are frightened. They seemed to be running towards a box. I took a closer look at the box in the picture. It was the same box I had found.

I looked at the fairies to study their emotions, “As if why would they be scared if they seem so happy?”

The first fairy I saw stopped braiding my hair looked behind me and her face changed. She was frightened. She screamed shaking her head no; spoke in a foreign language causing all the others to scram. I was frightened too even though I don't even know what they were looking at. I twitched my head. But I was too scared to look so I looked down at the book. And there it was. There was a picture of me, sitting in my seat by the circular table holding the book. And behind me was a giant black figure, it had red eyes and long fangs. I closed my eyes tightly trying not to scream. Then I heard a noise.

It was the noise of the library doors being opened. I turned around to see who it was. It was Ryan. I hid the book in my backpack. Ryan stood there in front of the door and walked towards me. I heard him breathing really hard. He looked frightened and very pale. I asked him “Ryan what are you doing here so late? Did something happen?”

Ryan took my hand and said, “We have to get out of here.”

I pulled my hand back and said, “Wait I have something to do.”

I ran to my backpack grabbed the book and opened it. The picture I saw was worse than ever. It was the devil and his crew lingering behind me. All the things in this book were all the things I have imagined. I closed the book told Ryan I had to use the bathroom. I tossed the book back into the box and locked it and set it under the sink again. I walked back out to where Ryan standing. He was looking out the windows and he said to me “When I said I saw a fox lady, I lied, but what I saw today was a nightmare walking out into the world.”

I looked at him with a pale face and said “You saw it? Everything?”

He nodded his head at me “yes”

I blinked and licked my lips “I guess fantasy is real then, I want to share the words. Will you help me Ryan?”

He nods his head, “Yes.”

© Copyright 2017 Iurivang. All rights reserved.

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