The Boy in Need of Help

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Walking along the dirt paved trail, who knew what could happen, when you’re talking a stroll.

Submitted: September 19, 2012

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Submitted: September 19, 2012



It was bright and sunny out. Walking along the paved dirt trail, I searched through my sack of things, taking my time, one step at a time going through my stuff. Hearing nothing but the wind shaking the trees and birds chirping from afar. Suddenly I accidentally spill my entire sack on to the paved dirt trail. I slowly grab a few things in my bag, when suddenly I heard a voice from afar. I grabbed my things as fast as I could to go check out where this voice was coming from. By the time I picked up all my things the voice seemed agitated. It seems the voice had heard me drop my thing. I called out to the voice, it seem to be very close by. I listened closely and heard it saying “help!” This time I was rushing and running to find out who was calling for help. I followed the voice to a bush. I was going to go around it when suddenly I saw the bush shaking. I called out “hello?” The bush shook even more and the voice of a boy called out “over here!” I quickly walked towards the bush to see where the boy was. As I examined the bush I saw a stick poking at the bush from below. I stepped into the bush to see where this stick was coming from. One step away from falling into this dark hole. I froze catching myself. I took a look at what was in front of me, it seems someone had dug up a ten foot deep hole and left it there e and the boy calling for help had fallen in. The boy had black thick silky hair, he was holding onto a branch that might have fallen down from the trees next to the hole. The boy suddenly points the branch at me and said “hurry, pull me out of here.” I took a hold of the branch and pulled with all my strength, trying not to get pulled in the hole I grabbed onto the tree by the hole. When the boy stepped out of the hole. He looked at me and said “took you long enough.” I looked at his brown eyes and told him “I dropped my things, I couldn't just leave them lying around,” I was expecting a thank you. I put down the branch and looked up and saw the boy had already headed towards the dirt paved trial. I then realized that this boy was from my school. I walked behind him headed towards the same direction, to town, my home.

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