The untouchable

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As Lisa joins a chating site, she haves no clue that the desison she made was really big.
Day by day she was requested by many people. She would add them all, friends, family and mostly strangers. She chatted with people in full respect. She didn't like it when people would talk rudely. She simpley ignored them.
So one day she chats with this guy that could change her life.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Lisa, a 16 year old girl, just got a brand new phone. Lisa's friends, at school, would tell her about chatting online. They would tell her about how many friends they had or even how many people chatted with them.

So Lisa asked her friends for the sites they were in. Lisa really liked being on a chatting site with her friends. She could be kept updated about where her friends were and everything.

One day Lisa's parents found out that she has been on many chatting sites. They warned her that strangers online cannot be trusted. And that she wad forbidden to date online. Lisa knew about that. She made sure her and her stranger friends stay friends only. When one guy tells her "I really like you", she says "thank you, you are very sweet to me" most of the time her newly made guy friends would say that to her very quickly. She didn’t like it because she had to ignore many guys to make them stop saying I like you and I love you.

Till one day. This very handsome looking guy, 20 years old, Ben, Requests her to be his friend. And as always she added him. They had normal chats like, "how are you? How was your day? What are you doing?" and many more...

Untill one day, Ben wanted to be more than friends. He tolded her she was beautiful, and very cute. He said to her “I swear to god, I love you forever." For Lisa, Ben lived way too far from her, twelve hours differnce. Ben said he would come and get her when she was out of high school. Lisa told him that she wants to stay in school and finish college. Ben told her if she couldn’t wait he would come for her earlier.

Now Lisa was really scared because she has never met Ben in person. She also only talked to him for about one week on two different chat sites. She was for sure that she didn’t really know much about him. She was scared that either she or Ben would start feeling like they don’t want to be together because they are so far apart.

So Lisa told Ben "I am sorry, but I don’t think this will work." Ben begged her to "please give us a chance." Lisa didn’t know what to do, so she told Ben that she will think about it. Lisa then asked her sister Ginger for help.

Ginger of course didn’t like online dating at all. She told Lisa "tell that guy NO, because he lives too far and also because he is a different race." Lisa was very disappointed. She thought that her sister Ginger would support her. Lisa thought that what Ginger said was very mean for saying that. Ginger then said that "I believe that you should not date him because what if you gave him a three day chance and he became very obsessive about you? What if he came looking for you?"

Lisa of course thought that Ben was a really nice guy,

She knew he wasn’t rude or anything, but she also knew that it is impossible to know someone fully.

So the next day Lisa told Ben." I am sorry but I want someone who can be with me and help me through my though times. I want someone who can be beside me when I need it the most."

Ben could accept this he told her, "don’t worry about it, and just imagine me next to you, if you want you can also call me. I love you very much."

Lisa didn’t know what to say. She really liked him but he was already rushing to marriage. Lisa told him. "Ben, I love you very much too, but if only I could hold your hands right now I would have never regret meeting you here. I’m very sorry, but I am forbidden to love you. Goodbye, I hope you find a girl closer to you who will be able to hold your hands and keep you company.

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