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Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



The Only Cowboy at the Club

Hannah's phone rang just as she was waking up. It was mid-day and the night before still stung in her head. "Hangovers suck," she said aloud. She glanced at herself in the mirror across the room, her make up was smeared and her long, brown hair, which was in a high pony tail and strait the night before, was now lazily draped over her shoulders in slept in curls. The noise of her phone was making her head hurt even more than it should so she picked it up, hit the green "Talk" button then ended the call before the person on the other end could say anything. She lay back in her bed for another ten minutes before getting up and taking some Advil. Before hopping in the shower, she heard her phone ring again. She sighed and decided to answer it. She walked over to the nightstand next to her bed, picked up her phone and gave a hoarse, "Hello?"

"HEY! Why did you hang up on me a little bit ago? That was rather rude." Hannah had to pull the phone at least a foot away from her head to talk to this person.

"How are you so... AWAKE?" She asked her friend. Kayle had been drinking for years and Hannah was surprised she wasn't dead from driving drunk like she usually did. She sat on her bed and listened not very attentively to what Kayle was saying. At the end of the call all she understood was that she and Kayle were going out again tonight because it was a Saturday and all the cute guys are out on Saturday night. "I need to get rid of my hangover first. I'll call you when I'm ready." They hung up and Hannah resumed her spot in her shower.


Around nine o'clock Hannah was sitting outside of Kayle's house, waiting for her to come out so they could go club-hopping. Hannah was dressed in a purple low-cut spaghetti strapped shirt that showed off her little butterfly tattoo on her shoulder with a pair of tight, black pants. The shoes she wore were comfy with no heal and a thick bottom so she could dance all night if need be. It took her almost three hours to get this outfit together and she was rather proud of her ability to make something old look new. The last hour she was at her house she was doing her make-up and hair. Instead of the high pony like the night before she picked thick curls which took almost an entire can of hair spray and half a can of mousse.

Kayle tripped out of the house in a light blue strapless mini dress and black high heals. Hannah knew that the heals would come off sooner or later because Kayle likes to dance with no shoes, besides, those where the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. Kayle was one of those girls who, even if it was the most uncomfortable thing and it gave her blisters, she would still wear it if she thought she looked hot. "Hey GIRL! You look cute." Kayle smiled as she got into the car. "Too bad you don't look hot like me!" Hannah smiled at her friend; she almost always said that when she got in the car when they were going somewhere. They drove off listening to Hip-Hop on Hannah's Sirius Radio.

They arrived at the first club of the night, parked, and walked to the door. They flashed their ID's at the doorman and were allowed into Club Déjà Vu! and they went strait to the bar. They bought the girlie drinks they usually drank, they were pink on top and red on the bottom and weren't very strong. They drank these because they weren't strong and because they taste like bubble gum then cherries as the bottom came closer. While they sat at the bar a few guys hit on them. One of the guys was named Paul and Kayle clicked with him immediately. Hannah danced nearby with a few random guys and even some girls but she didn't really talk to any of them. After an hour of hard dancing Hannah had to stop and sit down for a few. Kayle and Paul had stopped talking and Hannah wondered why.

"He asked me if I was into three somes." Kayle explained. "I told him no and when he started to put his hands on me I had to slap him!" Hannah placed a hand on her friends shoulder and told her that she is not going to find the guy of her dreams in a club. Kayle agreed then they began to dance with each other. They ignored any guys that bothered them. "I'm ready to go, Hannah. The men in here are like little boys grabbing at toys in a toy shop." With that the girls walked down to the next club. It was a new club and had a long line. The friends looked at each other in a "Why not" glance and stepped into line. It went by faster than they thought it would have.

When they got inside they noticed the music was soft but still had a fast tempo and strong beat. There were a lot of people dancing with others and some dancing with no one in particular. The club itself was black inside with a lot of brightly colored lights that attacked the walls. The bar was literally glowing and the dance floor was filled with energetic people. The energy of those people must have been absorbed into Hannah and Kayle's skin because they started to dance without their minds telling them to. They danced for what seemed like only minutes to them but were in real life hours and had a few drinks as the night went by.

"See that guy over there?" Kayle pointed to a tall, tanned man with what looked like black hair. From what Hannah could see this man wasn't skinny but wasn't terribly fat. She nodded and Kayle continued, "He's been looking at us for a while. I think I'm going to go talk to him." Hannah smiled and patted her lightly on the side of the hip. "Go for it" was what her eyes read. As Kayle slowly but surely made her way towards the tanned man Hannah watched just in case something happened. The man was cute and didn't look old, around 24 if not 25. Kayle started to do her little flirting thing she had mastered but before she could really get anywhere the man stopped her. He glanced in Hannah's direction and said something. When Kayle turned around she had an odd glint in her eyes.

She came back and yelled over the music, "He was looking at you!" When Kayle moved away from Hannah's ear she looked back at the man. She gave Hannah a friendly push in his direction. She started to walk over towards him, disbelief running through her body. She noticed that she was staring and decided to dance again. She danced her way over to the man.

He acknowledged the fact that she was now in front of him and danced with her. The music slowed and he had her in a trance. His eyes where an amazing forest green color and Hannah could not look away. Throughout the entire soft and slow song they just danced and stared at each other. The song ended and so did the spell. Tik Tok by Kesha came on over the speakers and woke them both up. The man took her by the hand and pulled her to a quieter part of the club, near the bathrooms. He finally spoke and when he did Hannah felt like melting. "Name's Jacob.” He raised his eyebrow and asked her name.

"H..Hannah," she choked out. All of a sudden her mouth was dry. She noticed she was sweating and hoped that she didn't smell bad. He smiled and so did she. They talked for the rest of the night and at 2 in the morning Kayle finally came over and told her the time. Hannah and Jacob exchanged numbers and both told the other they would be in contact.

"So?" Asked Kayle, "Who was he? Was he interesting? Obviously he was nice. What did you talk about?" Hannah was too distracted by the replay of his smile in her head.

"Jacob." Kayle smiled at Hannah's breathlessness. "He’s name is Jacob. Comes from Texas. Say's 'ya'll' and man is it sexy." She was silent but smiling the rest of the ride. They returned to her house at two-thirty and Kayle went to bed. Hannah staid up for a little while more thinking about her new friend than fell asleep due to too much dancing.


The next day she woke up at one twenty-seven to a missed call. The caller ID said it to be Jacob and she couldn’t help but smile. She called him back immediately and after two rings he answered, “I was wondering when you would call. Did you sleep well, Darling?” She couldn’t help but smile at the nickname “Darling.”

“Yes I did. How about you?” To her surprise she was very calm even though her body was wide awake. She heard animal sounds in the background of the call.

“Yes. I slept well too.” She heard someone yell to him over the animals. “At the moment I’m working but I’d love to call you back when I’m done.” She could tell he was smiling on the other side of the phone.

Absentmindedly she nodded. Realizing she did that instead of saying yes she actually blushed though no one was around her. “Yes. That’d be nice.” They hung up and Hannah ran to where Kayle was sleeping. "Wake up!"She half yelled and half whispered to her. Hannah jumped onto the bed and kept jumping. "He called!" Kayle pushed Hannah and made her fall on her.

"OW!" Kayle jumped up and hugged her knee to her chest. "What?! What could possibly be that great that you have to jump on me?"

"He called. I missed it but called him back and now he is going to call me when he gets off of work!"she said with a huge, goofy smile on her face.

"That's great but I'm hung-over! Either tell someone else or go make some coffee!" Hannah knew her friend wasn't really upset so she got off the bed and walked to the kitchen. The coffee perked as she sat at the table and doodled on a napkin. Kayle came down a few minutes after the coffee was done and grabbed a cup. "Okay," she took a sip, "NOW talk to me." She sat down at the table next to Hannah.


Her phone rang and she hyperly answered it, "Yellow?" She heard a male voice laugh lightly on the other end.

"Hey Darling,"he said. "How was your day so far?”

She heard the sound of cars going by as he spoke and light music as well. "My day has been fine. Yours?" She stated simply.

"Fine, too. What are you doing tonight, Love?"

Her heart jumped and she tried to steady her breathing in order to say, "Nothing. Why do you ask?" Even though she already knew the question.

"Do you want to spend a little time with me? Perhaps at one of the little side cafes near the club?" When she said yes he told her that he would be there in about a half hour. After telling him where she lived she happy said bye to him.

I have to get ready, she thought. She went through at least twenty different 'it's my day off but I still look good' outfits. By the time he got there she was ready and sitting in the living room with butterflies in her tummy. When he knocked on the door she jumped a bit. She walked to the door but before answering it she calmed herself. Deep breaths, she told herself. She opened the door and gave a happy, "Hey!" He walked part way into her doorway and gave her a light hug. "Let me just slip on my shoes. Come in," she said with a smile. He walked in and closed the door behind him.

Looking around he thought her apartment was rather cute. Not to girly but not a total tomboy place. She came around the corner and headed for the door. He followed and closed the door. When they got to the car he opened the door for her. "Thank you!" She said it as if she was a little surprised, like no one had ever done that for her before. He nodded then closed the car door, walked around to the other side and got in. They drove off. Country was on the radio and it was a nice change from the hip-hop Kayle loved to listen to.

They arrived at the cafe and talked for hours. Night had finally fallen and they decided it was best for them to get going now. He drove her back to her apartment complex and parked in a visitors spot. He walked her to her door, not in a creepy way but more of a gentleman way. "Thanks for calling me back. After a few hours of nothing I figured you were ignoring me." He smiled that amazing smile and those forest green eyes smiled along.

"Now why would I ignore a cowboy?" she asked in a flirting tone.

"What makes you think I’m a cowboy?" he asked back.When she looked at his cowboy hat then down to his boots he couldn't help but smile. "I bet the animals at my uncle's farm gave it away." She smiled and he couldn't help himself. He leaned down that little bit for his lips to reach hers. When he backed up and started to walk away he said, "How about I call you tomorrow. We could do this again." She nodded and he smiled. He could tell she was wishing he would come back and give her another kiss. Instead, he decided to make her wait. "Night, Darling." He watched as she clumsily unlocked her door and walked in, glancing back once before entering and closing her door.

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